Tried & Tested: GO24-7 Texture Paste & Shampoo

27 07 2011

Offering progressive luxury, GO24-7 is a hair, skin and shave brand for real men. Not the archetypal cave man type of real men, but real men who understand that they really should be taking care of their skin, styling their hair and improving your shave.  Originating from the USA, the brand is said to have none other than David Beckham on its list of admirers – which is pretty impressive in my book. So I got stuck in to 2 key products from the GO24-7 range to see if they lived up to the celebrity endorsed hype…


Price: £14.95 for 67g
Purpose: To craft your style with texture, but give you flexible freedom.
What the brand say: When you need a job done right, reach only for the best. GO24-7 Texture Paste is a no-nonsense pliable paste that performs to perfection to provide texture with definition while encouraging thickness and volume.

The Pour Homme Verdict: I’ll admit, I hadn’t heard of GO24-7 before the Texture Paste landed in my wash bag, but I can honestly say that this is one of (if not the best) styling product I’ve ever tried – hands down. I have hair that’s very difficult to style, it’s short around the sides but much longer and curly on the top. However my current style (a 50’s style quiff if you must know) requires control to slightly straighten without weighing down my curls, but with matt texture and a mouldable hold that I can rework throughout the day. The GO24-7 Texture paste covers all these bases and more. When you apply it, it’s very pliable making it easy to work your style, before setting (but not in a ‘stiff’ way like the hair gels of old) to hold your look in place with a finish that has just the right amount of balance between matt and natural shine. Oh and it smells AMAZING, plus it washes our really easily too – a must buy! 5 out of 5


Price: £12.95 for 264ml
Purpose: To gently put back what hard work and hard play takes out.
What the brand say: Trusted by the stars of sports and screen for clean natural health and performance, GO24-7 Shampoo is luxuriously invigorating and nutrient-rich for any day, any style, any hair-type.

The Pour Homme Verdict: After the overwhelming success of the Texture Paste I had high hopes for the GO24-7 Shampoo, and on the whole this daily shampoo lived up to the hype. Like its styling counterpart it smells lovely, and has all the right component that a top quality shampoo needs – leaving my hair soft, shiny and really manageable. My only complaint is that after I ran out of the Texture Paste the GO24-7 Shampoo struggled to remove all traces of heavy clay styling products and occasionally needed two washes which is why it slips slightly from perfect marks. But if you want my advice – buy both the GO24-7 Texture Paste and Shampoo for one hell of a shampoo/styling combo! 4 out of 5


Tried & Tested: Henri Lloyd Skin Protection For Men

4 04 2011

“Stick to what you’re good at” – that’s what we’re always told. But what happens when you’re not content with what you’re good at and you want to try your hand at something new and exciting. Should you give up on your vision? Should you hell. Just go right ahead and attempt to be the best in your field. Which is exactly what nautical fashion pioneers Henri Lloyd have done with the launch of their new grooming range – Henri Lloyd Skin Protection For Men

With a heritage embedded in nautical innovation, Henri Lloyd’s history ensues a prestigious expedition. From creating groundbreaking fabrics for sailing clothes to defining the zeitgeist for Italian youths, Henri Lloyd’s contribution to global design and fashion is impressive. That leaves the Henri Lloyd Skin Protection For Men some large shoes to fill. As a skin care range Henri Lloyd follows the ethos of producing premium performance products, technically engineered with an infusion of marine ingredients combined with a sophisticated British edge. That’s all well and good but all that blurb only stands up if the products are effective, so for the last few weeks I’ve been trying my hand at several products from the Henri Lloyd range – and is my Pour Homme review.

Henri Lloyd Ocean Mineral Shower Gel (200ml) – £12.95

First up from the Henri Lloyd grooming range, the shower gel has all the refreshing properties you’d expect from a products based around the sea and ocean minerals. It provides maximum freshness and acts as a real morning/evening pick me up – without letting you down on the cleanliness front, and it left my skin feeling ‘no need to moisturise’ soft. 4 out of 5

Henri Lloyd Ocean Mineral Hand Protection Cream SPF6 (75ml) – £10.50

Both as a fashion line, and grooming range Henri Lloyd is designed for people who enjoy an outdoor lifestyle, so it was imperative that the range included the essential outdoor product – a strong, protective hand cream. Performing under the most strenuous of circumstances, Henri Lloyd Ocean Mineral Hand Protection Cream features SPF6 and uses minerals, vitamins and algae to repair dry, chapped or cracked hands – which it does brilliantly. 4 out of 5

Henri Lloyd Ocean Mineral Tinted Moisturiser SPF15 (75ml) – £19.00

The feather in the rather accomplished  Henri Lloyd cap, Ocean Mineral Tinted Moisturiser SPF15 is not only my favourite product in the Skin Protection range, but it’s cemented itself as one of my must have products. Providing maximum hydration, optimum protection and a natural looking healthy colour, this grooming must have is almost as multi-tasking as a Swiss army knife! In the run up to summer a moisturiser with SPF protection is essential, but this Henri Lloyd offering provides so much more than just a UV guard making it an absolute must try. 5 out of 5

Tried & Tested: The Bluebeards Revenge Shaving Cream

23 03 2011


Price: £14.99 for 180ml

Purpose: To combat even the toughest stubble to give a smooth and luxurious shave that’s fit for the manliest man.

What the brand say: Designed by a real life Blue Beard who was bored to death with being a Desperate Dan look-alike, The Bluebeards Revenge is a paraben free premium quality shave cream with added ingredients to combat tough stubble.

Pour Homme Verdict

The Bluebeards Revenge Shaving Cream is fronted by 6’3″ Bedford Blues flanker and Britain’s Manliest Man, Sacha Harding. It’s designed for guys who grow a 5 o’clock shadow by lunchtime. And its packaging features a striking silver skull and cross-bones against a royal blue background. Masculine? You bet ya’. If The Bluebeards Revenge Shaving Cream could talk it would ask you if you wanted a pint, and give you a run down on the week’s football gossip.

But far from being a gimmick lead product that doesn’t perform, The Bluebeards Revenge Shaving Cream is backed by a proven formula and impressive results that make it anything but the class clown. The main reason behind the results is the exciting active ingredient ‘decelerine’ – which has been proven to actually reduce hair growth and nourish freshly shaved skin. All this means that over time you’ll decrease the effect of 5 o’clock shadow, reduce irritation and leave your skin noticeably softer for longer.

For all you statto’s out there, here are the numbers…

The BlueBeards Revenge Shave Cream;

– results in a 30% decrease in hair length.

– reduces the hair density by 16% after 60 days.

So how does it shave? Well the product lathers really well, and matches any other shaving product I’ve tried for comfort. I used the ‘Dabloon Bristled Shaving Brush’ to apply, but it you can use it without – it’s still just as effective. I’ve also noticed the declerine really starting get to grips with tough stubble. Don’t get me wrong I don’t resemble Desperate Dan, but tough stubble particularly on the neck has been a real problem for me. Overall The Bluebeards Revenge Shaving Cream is an excellent product that I fully recommend you try for yourself – if you’re man enough that is!

The verdict: 4.5 out of 5

Click here to buy The Bluebeards Revenge Shaving Cream and try it for yourself.

Tried & Tested Movember: Gentlemen’s Tonic Aftershave Cream – Dry/Sensitive

22 11 2010

As part of the Pour Homme Movember focus I’ve been reviewing a number of associated products that I’ve been using throughout my Movember journey, and here is product number 2. If you missed it, you can check out product review number 1 here.

Price: £26 for 125ml
Purpose: Combining traditional ideas with modern luxury to sooth post shave irritations and leave skin feeling smooth and calm.
What the brand say: Gentlemen’s Tonic Aftershave Cream is enriched with ingredients that moisturise, rejuvenate and nourish freshly shaved skin.

Pour Homme Verdict

Packaging & Branding: Gentlemen’s Tonic aim to “afford the modern man a traditional barbershop and a variety of lifestyle and grooming services”. So it’s clear from the outset that this isn’t just a grooming brand that’s been slung together without thought. The packaging is among the best out there, and the brand philosophy represents everything there is to love about a new generation of men’s spa treatments. It’s certainly one way to turn a one bedroom flat into one of the swankiest establishments in Mayfair. 5 out of 5

Value for money: Style and performance of this calibre comes at a cost. For your £26 you’ll get a product that looks great, performs well, and represents a greater, luxurious ideal. But then again, for that £26 you could buy 4 King of Shaves Face Balms and still come away with change. Budget or no budget, that’s quite a difference. 3 out of 5

Performance: Dry or sensitive skin loves shaving about as much as a vegan loves KFC. But it’s products like this that make it bearable for those of us unfortunate enough to be troubled by a bout of post shave irritation. It cools, it refreshes, it moisturises, it smells great – hell I think Gentlemen’s Tonic Aftershave Cream for Dry/Sensitive Skin may be just about perfect.  5 out of 5

The verdict: Just a fiver cheaper and it would have got the perfect 5, but the performance, and the incredible luxury feel of the Gentlemen’s Tonic Aftershave Balm is something that no one can take away. In an ideal world where my grooming and fashion budgets are endless I’d frequent the Gentlemen’s Tonic treatment rooms more than my actual home, but until then I’ll have to settle for an excellent post shave product. 4.5 out 5

To find out more about Gentlemen’s Tonic products, the treatment rooms (both in the UK and the US), and the brand philosophy visit the Gentlemen’s Tonic website.

Tried & Tested Movember: King Of Shaves Azor Advanced Shaving Gel

8 11 2010

As part of the Pour Homme Movember focus I’ll be reviewing a number of associated products that I’ll be using throughout my Movember journey, and here is product number 1.

Price: £4.99 for 150ml
Purpose: To make your shave less about irritation, and more about a smooth revolution.
What the brand say: Achieve superlative shave performance and unmatched razor glide with King of Shaves Azor Advanced Shaving Gel for Sensitive Skin. Helping to protect, moisturise and lubricate, skin is left amazingly smooth, supple and moisturised after shaving.

Pour Homme Verdict

Packaging: Sleek & masculine, the King of Shaves packaging isn’t the worst out their by any stretch of the imagination. A decent addition to any bathroom shelf it easily trumps its nearest competitors, but the only thing that stops it getting top marks is the strength of branding leaders Molton Brown and Kyoku For Men.  4 out of 5

Value for money: One of the main selling points of the whole King of Shaves range is that the price point is so reasonable. Take their razor blades for example – a set of 8 Gillette blades will set you back a steep £17, while the same amount of King of Shaves Azor blades will only cost you £9.50. And the same can be said for the Advanced Shaving Gel, at only £4.99 (even cheaper if you take advantage of one of the regular nationwide offers) it offers value for money that’s very difficult to argue with.
5 out of 5

Performance: My main reason for picking the King of Shaves Azor Advanced Shaving Gel was that it offered more visibility for shaving around my newly acquired facial hair – but in reality it offers a whole lot more than that. The glide that it gives your razor is superb, and while it coats your skin with a nice layer of slip, it doesn’t leave any greasy residue. Armed with all these excellent qualities it seemed to speed up my shave, and I didn’t give irritation a second thought. It even left my skin feeling moisturised rather than tight and dry! I couldn’t ask for any more, top marks!
5 out of 5

The verdict: In the past I’ve always favoured a shave cream over a gel – with the preconception of a more luxurious shaving experience. But the King of Shaves Azor Advanced Shaving Gel has not only dislodged my preconceptions, but abolished them all together. For a product so reasonably priced it really did offer superb shave performance. After all, what’s more luxurious than a smooth, moisturising shave experience without a hint of irritation. 5 out 5

The Azor Advanced Shaving Gel, as well of the rest of the King of Shaves range is available in supermarkets nationwide and

The Balmy Army

21 10 2010

Indie-folk heroes and Radio 1 favourites Mumford and Sons sing of how “winter winds litter London with lonely hearts”, but cockney hearts aren’t the only thing that falls victim to the harsh winter blizzard at this time of year. OK, so it might not be quite as poetic, or as cool, but the winter conditions play havoc with your skin, and in particular your lips.

Bearing the brunt of the harsh climate your lips can become dry and chapped as the temperatures head nearer to zero, but these little wonders come armed with super moisturising, super protective ingredients designed to prevent such ailments. So go forth, frolic in the snow safe in the knowledge that your knitwear isn’t the only thing keeping you protected.

Tried & Tested: Kyoku For Men Water Body Scrub

13 10 2010

Following the launch of the Kyoku For Men Elements range earlier in the month here, as promised, is my verdict on one of the 12 new products – the Kyoku For Men Water Body Scrub. If you’re not familiar with the Kyoku For Men grooming range check out my first Pour Homme Tried & Tested from back in April where I reviewed the Kyoku For Men Lava Masque.

Price: £17.00 for 250ml
Purpose: Like most body scrubs, this Kyoku For Men exfoliant is designed to remove dirt, grime and dead skin cells to smooth your skin for an all round ‘polished’ appearance.
What the brand say: Kyoku For Men Water Body Scrub is part of a unique bath and body care line which couples efficacious natural ingredients with atmospheric scents and sensations to transport you to the four elements: Earth, Wind, Fire and in this case Water.  Following the same skincare principles as the Kyoku For Men facial products (Cleanse. Scrub. Fuel) this Body Scrub using a cooling rock crystal complex designed to cleanse and prep your skin for the next step.

Pour Homme Verdict

Packaging: If you’ve read any of my previous material where I’ve featured Kyoku For Men, you’ll know that one of the main things I love about this brand is that their products are pretty much the best looking products around – and the Elements range is no exception. I love what they’ve done with the marketing surrounding the whole range and the packaging itself is cool, slick and masculine without the need for unnecessary hype – the rest of the grooming world should take note. 5 out of 5

Ease of use: One of the things that has frustrated me about so many body scrubs I’ve used in the past is the lack of lather. If I wanted to rub salt all over my body, then I would (it would be a bit weird, but you could do it). What I love about the Kyoku For Men Water Body Scrub is that it lathers almost as much as a shower gel, giving you great coverage – making your shower experience quicker, and a lot more efficient. It still requires a couple of applications to cover your whole body, but it’s by no means the hardest thing in the world to apply. 4 out of 5

Value for money: Yeah, so £17 in the grand scheme of things is quite a bit of money. You can after all fly to most cities in Europe at that price if you don’t mind flying cattle class. But – and more on the performance later – when you’re paying for quality sometimes you don’t mind, and with the Kyoku For Men Water Body Scrub quality is something that you’ll get in spades. We’d all love our grooming product to be under a fiver, but as this product is so effective, and will last you a good few months I think £17 is a price worth paying. 4 out of 5

Performance: Right from the off the first thing I noticed was how much the Kyoku For Men Water Body Scrub improved the condition of my skin – leaving my whole body feeling (and looking) smoother and healthier. As someone with very dry skin (who subsequently has to use body moisturiser regularly) this level of smoothness came as a real surprise and with regular use became really easy to maintain. Secondly, the smell is AMAZING and it really does invigorate your senses and leave long lasting freshness. Top marks! 5 out of 5

The verdict: It will come as no surprise that I’m a huge fan of the whole Kyoku For Men range, but the Water Body Scrub also gets a glowing recommendation from me. I love the packaging, the ease of use and the way it leaves my whole body feeling smooth and totally refreshed. As I previously mentioned, I have never found a product that’s left my normally dry skin so soft and managable – so much so that I’ve even been able to cut down my use of body moisturiser. Well Kyoku For Men, it looks like you’ve done it again. 5 out 5

The whole Kyoku For Men Elements range is available now from Liberty and nationwide from the 1st November.