Grooming News: Kyoku For Men Unveil New Bath & Body Range

1 10 2010

Whether it’s a limited edition vinyl, new fashion collection or a grooming product launch – I love getting my hands on the newest, most up-to-date releases. Satisfying my cravings this October is my current favourite grooming brand, Kyoku For Men.

Back in April I reviewed the Kyoku For Men Lava Masque and loved it, I’ve been using the Daily Facial Cleanser for the last month or so, and the Facial Moisturiser SPF15 easily makes it into my ‘Top 5 Moisturisers’ list. It’s safe to say I’m already a pretty big fan of Kyoku For Men, so when I heard a month or so back that they were launching a whole host of new body products I thought all my grooming Christmas’ had come at once!

The 12 products in question arrive in the form of the ‘Elements Bath & Body Range’, comprising of four Body Lotions, four Body Washes and four Body Scrubs – three from each Earth, Wind, Fire & Water scent. It’s a much more comprehensive selection than I would have initially expected, they could so easily just have launched one of each on the quiet but I really admire the way they’ve gone picked four variations of each product and gone the whole hog.

This unique bath and body care line couples efficacious natural ingredients with atmospheric scents and sensations to “transport you to the four elements: Earth, Wind, Fire and Water”. The line uniquely follows the same skincare principles devoted to the Kyoku For Men skin care products, and thus devotes a three step principle of Cleanse, Scrub & Fuel with each scent.

I’m thrilled to already have got my hands on the Water Body Scrub so give me a few days and they’ll be a Pour Homme Tried & Tested Review to confirm what I already suspect – that this is one of the most exciting grooming launches of the year.

The Kyoku For Men Elements Bath & Body range is available now exclusively at Liberty, but will be nationwide from November.




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13 10 2010
Tried & Tested: Kyoku For Men Water Body Scrub « POUR HOMME

[…] & Tested: Kyoku For Men Water Body Scrub 13 10 2010 Following the launch of the Kyoku For Men Elements range earlier in the month here, as promised, is my verdict on one of the 12 new products – the […]

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