Tried & Tested: Jack Black Line Smoother Face Moisturiser

11 08 2010

Jack Black Line Smoothing Face Moisturiser.


Price: £33 for 97ml

Purpose: To ensure the inevitable ‘turning into your dad’ process is slowed, while keeping your skin fresh and hydrated.

What the brand say: This ultra-lightweight, oil-free moisturiser containing an 8% level of glycolic acid helps fight the signs of aging. Natural fruit acids and vitamins minimise fine lines, wrinkles and skin discoloration by gently sloughing off the top layer of skin, revealing younger, smoother skin underneath.

Pour Homme Verdict

Branding & Packaging: When researching (ok, googling) Jack Black I confirmed one of my initial gripes with the brand, or more accurately its name-sake. I know if I were to create my own skincare brand I would want a name that was individual, memorable and in no way confusing – not one shared with an actor/musician who is generally ungroomed. 2 out of 5

Value for money: At £33, Jack Black Line Smoother Face Moisturiser is at the higher end of the market, but by no means the most expensive – especially as it boasts anti ageing potential. When I’ve paid this much for a product, I want it to deliver results (more on that in a moment) and I want it to last. I used Line Smoother every morning and most evenings, and even at less than 100ml it still lasted the course. 4 out of 5

Performance: If you’ve ever read any of my previous moisturiser reviews, then you’ll know that I’m a hard man to impress when it comes to daily hydration. Lightweight in texture, but not in performance Jack Black Line Smoother Face Moisturiser stands up to the test and (after some slightly odd post-application tingling) provides moisture that lasted all day.

As for its anti ageing credentials, while I’m only in my mid-twenties (thus not suffering from any prominent signs of ageing) I really noticed a difference in how fresh (and inevitably young) my skin looked, with fine lines visibly reduced. So while I can’t vouch for any long term benefits, the short term results from Line Smoother Face Moisturiser indicate that it will keep your skin looking younger, for longer. 4 out of 5

The verdict: From nowhere Jack Black has turned from Hollywood funnyman to grooming great. I must admit, I had my doubts about Jack Black Line Smoother Face Moisturiser, but after some early branding and tingling related issues, its performance sets it apart from its grooming co-stars and cements its place as a real big hitting mosituriser. 4 out of 5

Want to try it for yourself? Jack Black Line Smoother Face Moisturiser is available from




One response

11 08 2010
Mr Spontaneous

Before reading this I was asking, is this a real product or one of jacks jokes? He just doesn’t seem like the type to launch this kind of product. Even the packaging looks a bit like one of those old bottles of ‘life elixir’. But the reviewer does seem pretty convinced that its worth the money.

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