Wingman: Grooming’s Next Big Thing

12 04 2011

You’ll know him as one of the all-conquering Dragon’s from the TV institution Dragon’s Den, but this week Theo Paphitis embarks on a new project – searching for the UK’s best and brightest young entrepreneurs BBC Two’s ‘Britain’s Next Big Thing’.

Men’s grooming brand Wingman and its creator Stuart Jolley are among a number of products and entrepreneurs in the series, which follows him through the process of developing his launch product – a premium male deodorising wipe that has been engineered for men on the go. It’s a classic David vs. Goliath battle as the 24 year old goes up against competitors like Lynx for a slice of the multi million pound male grooming market. Wingman is a product that’s been on the market since late 2010, but with the help of the BBC2 series, April 2011 is going to be the month that Wingman truly takes off.

For those of you new to Wingman Deodorising Wipes, they are extra large ‘man sized’ wet wipes, created for busy men who’s personal heigene is vigorously tested by their daily lives and the environment around them. They don’t have time to shower, but still need to freshen up instantly and feel confident at all times – something that we can all appreciate. Clearly there’s a huge market for such an innovative product – whether you’re a regular urban commuter, a long suffering employee in a stuffy office or a regular clubber – you’ll have been in situations where you’d have needed Wingman buy your side. It’s a mystery why no one has ever come up with anything like this for men before? It’s so simple, yet equally as ingenious – and once you’ve tried it (like all great products) you’ll wonder how you ever did without it.

The product itself contains a refreshing mix of ingredients including soothing aloe vera, cooling peppermint oil and invigorating ginseng, to revive and refresh whilst effectively removing dirt, oil and bacteria. It ticks all the grooming boxes, but when push comes to shove will Wingman Deodorising Wipes stand up and be counted?

Tired & Tested: The Pour Homme Review

Theo Paphitis is no mug, he knows a good business idea when he sees it. And in Wingman Stu Jolley has one hell of a good business idea. But I’m not Theo Paphitis, I’m not interested in profit margins – I’m interested in whether Wingman is there in our hour of grooming need.

After trying the product in a number of situations (post gym, the commute, in the overnight bag and on a night out) I can confirm that Wingman really does have your back. The wipes are big enough to be considered ‘man-sized’, the fragrance is refreshing without feeling overpowering, and the cleansing performance is really impressive – even good enough to be used on your face. Priced at a mere £3.56 for eight wipes, they come individually wrapped making them portable as well as practical, and the packaging would sit comfortably alongside anything a luxury brand has to offer.

Wingman hit the market in 2010 a festival essential,  a man bag essential and a desk drawer essential. But in 2011, Wingman Deodorising Wipes will become the grooming essential of the year. And for that reason, “I’m in”.

The Verdict: 5 out of 5

The Wingman wipes are currently on sale exclusively in Boots stores nationwide and are priced £1.22 for a box of two or £3.56 for eight.


A Parody Fit For A King (of Shaves)

28 02 2011

While Colin Firth and The Kings Speech was clearing up at the Oscars, King of Shaves founder Will King was delivering an emotional speech of his own. Complete with tongue in cheek Gillette-bashing, this two minute parody was hot property on twitter during the run up to the 83rd Academy Awards, showcasing yet again why King of Shaves lead the way with an innovative approach to its razors and its social media.

Hot Under The Collar: Kelly Brook for Lynx

23 02 2011

Innovative, sharp and original. All words that don’t apply to the new Lynx advertising featuring Kelly Brook. Now without wishing to paint myself as some marketing genius (although I realise that my last two posts have been on the subject), surely they could have come up with something slightly more creative than women + boobs = sales?

To be fair Kelly Brook looks great, and teenage boys up and down the land will fall for head over heels for her (all over again).  But whether you’re hitting your target market or not, I can’t help feeling this type of advert is just too obvious.  So as it turns out, not so hot under the collar after all.

King Of Shaves Launch Azor 5 Razor

27 01 2011

King of Shaves – both in terms of the quaility and value of their razors, and the performance of their skin care – are a firm Pour Homme favourite. With so many products and brands out there in the market, it’s fair to say that Will King and his King of Shaves range are changing the way we think about our daily grooming essentails, particularly shaving.

Starting 2011 as they mean to go on, King Of Shaves are proud to announce the release of the Azor 5 Blade Sensitive Alloy System Razor. Just like the previous Azor models, the Azor 5 is fitted with “Bendology Technology” (a soft flex hinge that allows you to shave closer), an ergonomic alloy handle, and is perfectly balanced and ideally weighted for maximum control and comfort. So what sets the Azor 5 apart from it’s predecessors? Yes you guessed it! Not one, not two, not even four, but FIVE long-lasting endurium nano coated blades.

I know what you’re thinking, adding another blade to a razor has all been done before. And if we were talking about Gillette or Wilkinson Sword then I would tend to agree with you. But in King Of Shave recent history we’ve come to expect quality and value that ensures that the launch of the Azor 5 will have a huge impact on the grooming market, and the efficiency of your shave. According to the brand “this is no ordinary razor, designed for sensitive skin –  it’s pure in form, effortless in function and engineered without compromise.” They can talk the talk, and in 2011 King Of Shaves really are shaping up to walk the walk.

So how can you get your hands on this new bit of shaving kit? Well it’s available at selected asda stores nationwide, and can be expected to sweep the nation with a clean, comfortable shave in the very near future.

Gillette MagmaCore Extreme ‘Launch’

20 01 2011

It’s the norm when launching a new razor (normally adding yet another blade) for Gillette to pull out the big guns – Henry, Federer and Woods – to create promotional footage costing millions. But with Tiger’s infidelity issues, Thierry Henry disappearing of our radar, and possibly a realisation of just how ridiculous their CGI adverts are, they’ve taken a rather humorous new approach with this latest advert for the new Gillette Fusion ProGlide.

Movember Diaries: Day 30

30 11 2010

December marks the beggining of the Christmas rush, a time when we all wind down to a week long gift-fest. But for me and my fellow Mo Bros it signals the end of the journey that was Movember 2010. It’s been an emotional journey with it’s fair share of ups and downs (who can forget the stray hair episode of day 17), but mostly we’ll remember the good times. And those good times don’t come any better than last Friday’s Brighton Movember Gala Party. The Mo Bros & Sistas came out in force – ale was drunk, tunes were spun, prizes were given and good times were had by all. The highest accolade ‘Man of Movember Brighton’ went to the thoroughly deserving Ron Burgundy who celebrated the award by drinking scotch and chatting up the Mo Sistas, but he still took time out to have his picture taken with the Mo and his mate Mo Steve.

But sadly all good things have to come to an end. All that I’m left with now are the photographic memories from the Movember gala – but what memories they are.

Until next year, stay classy Movember.

The Mo x

The Ashes Moustaches

26 11 2010

Thursday saw the start of the Ashes 2010, as England and the Aussies kicked things off in Brisbane. But this years first Ashes test had more of a gentlemanly air about it – no not because Shane Warne wasn’t playing  – but because many of the participating players were sporting very impressive Movember moustaches. While ITV4 might give you the  in-play highlights, Pour Homme is offering the ‘Ashes Moustaches’; a highlight show that doesn’t waste time with middle aged ex pro’s in dull shirt and tie combos, but get’s straight into the action. Highlights from day 1 include England’s Kevin Pietersen, 6 wicket hero Peter Siddle, paceman Mitchell Johnson and a rather patriotic Aussie fan – let’s just hope 3-1 isn’t an omen.