Fashion Forward: TOMS Shoes

2 05 2011

Lightweight, practical and versatile – espadrilles are the stand out spring/summer footwear choice for guys. But for TOMS Shoes, they represent so much more than just fashion.

In 2006, American traveler Blake Mycoskie befriended children in Argentina and found they had no shoes to protect their feet. Wanting to help, he created TOMS Shoes, a company that would match every pair of shoes purchased with a pair of new shoes given to a child in need. One for One. Blake returned to Argentina with a group of family, friends and staff later that year with 10,000 pairs of shoes made possible by TOMS customers.

The TOMS Shoes movement is such a simple idea. It’s a fashionable idea. It’s an idea that sets a very high standard to other retailers. But most importantly it’s an idea that supports the biggest trend of them all: giving. So for anyone – guys or girls – thinking of investing in a pair of espadrilles, please don’t opt for a 2 for £20 high street bargain, visit the TOMS Shoes website and do your bit.


French Connection S/S 2011 – You Are Man?

20 02 2011

It was around this time last year that French Connection launched their ‘The Man’ advertising campaign, showcasing a series of slick adverts that depicted the survival skills of a ‘real man’.

This Spring/Summer French Connection have taken things a step further, exploring how gender and society dictate behavior with powerful, thought-provoking shots entitled “You are…”.  Questioning what it means to be a man or a woman in today’s society, French Connection have kicked on from the award-winning 2010 campaigns to pose some more provoking questions – confronting the viewer by asking; “You are Man?”

Man or not, this is one striking campaign.

For more snap shots and videos from the campaign head over to the French Connection website.

H&M – Pretty Green?

1 02 2011

I’ve seen a big rise in Organic Male Grooming products in the last year, and now the natural trend seems to have made its way on to the high street as one retailer is giving shoppers the chance to get the latest fashion and save the environment.

Sounds too good to be true? Well it’s only a few selected items, but H&M have launched a line for men, women and children with all items made totally from organic cotton. This jacket is my favourite, and at just £24.99 its a steal as well as being sustainable style.

The range is available now, both online and in store.

Movember Style Icons

17 11 2010

While it’s a charity event with some real credibility, the Movember concept uses the humour of growing a moustache to its advantage – as you’ll have gathered by my recent posts. But growing a moustache shouldn’t always be viewed as a novelty concept embraced by 80’s throwbacks and Ned Flanders enthusiasts, it can really add some individuality and credibility to your style. Don’t believe me? Well than take a look at some of the world’s most stylish men, sporting facial hair that adds sophistication, masculinity and a certain flair to their already accomplished styles.

Gaz7etta: The New Men’s Mag In Town

27 10 2010

Grazia, popular women’s fashion and trashy celeb gossip magazine, is set to launch a men’s version into the frankly sparse men’s mag market. But before you imagine headlines of “Becks: My Diet Hell” and “Brad: My Style Secrets”, let me tell you what ‘Gaz7etta’ has to offer us gents…

Well, according to Grazia “Gaz7etta is the perfect mix of news and style, with a healthy dose of business, politics and sport. Like Grazia, this is all about making the news work for you.” Makes a change from boobs’n’beer doesn’t it – clearly, this is a men’s mag, not a lad’s mag.

The first issue features Roberto Mancini, Joy Division, Brad Pitt’s stoner architecture, The Inbetweeners’ Iain Morris, the real Mad Men, and a chance to win one of ten iPads – oh and Lemmy from Motorhead giving his life coaching tips! Quite an eclectic line up I think you’ll agree. But as the old saying goes – the proof will well and truly be in the pudding. In a world where twitter delivers our breaking news and fashion trends side by side, print publications have to work even harder to keep the readers attention. Even though they get to use more than 140 characters, this is still a tough market to crack. Only time will tell whether the world is ready for Gaz7etta, or whether Gaz7etta is ready to take on this ever changing media world.

The first issue of Gaz7etta is available with this weeks Grazia, but if it goes down well we can expect Gaz7etta to feature heavily on newsagent shelves of 2011.

Fashion News: ASOS Go Mobile

19 10 2010

While it’s hardly up there with the invention of the wheel, or even sliced bread, the launch of ASOS mobile will inevitably change the way I shop. My shopping habits have changed so much over the last year that even online shopping seems archaic to me. If I can’t buy it on my Amazon, Tesco or Ebay mobile apps then it isn’t worth buying, if there isn’t an app for something, then searching the internet is simply too much effort – such is the world we live in today.

So imagine my excitement upon discovering that I can now do all my clothes shopping, with one of my favourite online retailers, anywhere I so choose. No doubt that 6 months from now I’ll be an iPhone obsessed internet zombie, but hey – at least I’ll be well dressed!

To shop on your mobile simply visit from your phone’s web browser where you’ll be able to search, browse and buy from the full range, even syncing your account from your phone to PC and back again.

Diesel: Be Stupid

15 10 2010

While I’m fully aware that it makes me a bit of a media geek/weirdo (delete as appropriate), I really like adverts. Not that awful ‘Go Compare’ one, or even the meerkat. No, I love adverts that get you thinking, that make you laugh or even make you want to shed a little (but very manly) tear. It doesn’t even matter if it has no connection with the product, I just love well presented, thought provoking advertising.

Catching my attention and satisfying my inner media nerd of late has been the Diesel – Be Stupid campaign. While it may not pull on the heart-strings as much as the recent vodaphone advert, or make me giggle as much as the latest Heineken offering, but every time I turn the page of a monthly, or click around the web it stands out at me like a sexy, funky, ballsy and brilliant sore thumb. It’s not the most innovative, or the most PC, but what I love about the Diesel – Be Stupid campaign is how much it makes heads turn. Long Live Stupid.

Click here to check out the rest of the Diesel – Be Stupid campaign.