Gaz7etta: The New Men’s Mag In Town

27 10 2010

Grazia, popular women’s fashion and trashy celeb gossip magazine, is set to launch a men’s version into the frankly sparse men’s mag market. But before you imagine headlines of “Becks: My Diet Hell” and “Brad: My Style Secrets”, let me tell you what ‘Gaz7etta’ has to offer us gents…

Well, according to Grazia “Gaz7etta is the perfect mix of news and style, with a healthy dose of business, politics and sport. Like Grazia, this is all about making the news work for you.” Makes a change from boobs’n’beer doesn’t it – clearly, this is a men’s mag, not a lad’s mag.

The first issue features Roberto Mancini, Joy Division, Brad Pitt’s stoner architecture, The Inbetweeners’ Iain Morris, the real Mad Men, and a chance to win one of ten iPads – oh and Lemmy from Motorhead giving his life coaching tips! Quite an eclectic line up I think you’ll agree. But as the old saying goes – the proof will well and truly be in the pudding. In a world where twitter delivers our breaking news and fashion trends side by side, print publications have to work even harder to keep the readers attention. Even though they get to use more than 140 characters, this is still a tough market to crack. Only time will tell whether the world is ready for Gaz7etta, or whether Gaz7etta is ready to take on this ever changing media world.

The first issue of Gaz7etta is available with this weeks Grazia, but if it goes down well we can expect Gaz7etta to feature heavily on newsagent shelves of 2011.




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