Trend Watch: ASOS Williamsburg

17 01 2011

Not since The Strokes inspired a New York fashion invasion in the early noughties has men’s fashion in the UK been so smitten with the Big Apple. As ASOS’ latest fashion fix showcases – it’s all eyes across the pond this spring.

Williamsburg is a trend inspired by the Brooklyn neighbourhood, famed for being home to New York’s creative community and most stylish men and women, and its effortless thrift-store meets Ivy-League look. Over the next few weeks you’ll be looking to incorporate some Spring style into your wardrobe, phasing out the chunky knitwear and opting for some US inspired layering. Whether you favour a cherished thrift-store find, or an off the rail piece from the high street – these are my picks straight from the ASOS hit list…


Everyone’s Talking About: Mario Balotelli’s Hat

21 12 2010

After delving into football’s latest fashion fix with my recent post on snoods, it seems Man City’s playing staff have served up another gem. Before last night’s Premier league clash with Everton, City’s Italian bad boy Mario Balotelli arrived wearing a very questionable piece of head gear (see below). Whatever you think about snoods, this is one football related fashion accessory that definitely isn’t going to catch on.

Everyone’s Talking About: Snoods

14 12 2010

It’s not often that catwalk models and Carlos Tevez would have anything in common, but with the rise of a certain fashion accessory Carlos and his fellow professional footballers are very much – if not contriversially – en trend.

While as a fashion accessory I think they have real credibility, as a football accessory I’m struggling to see the point in the snood. In all my years of playing the beautiful game I’ve never once suffered from a cold neck – hands yes – but never a cold neck. Needless to say I’m not the only one with an opinion on the subject, with Mr Roy Keane expressing his distaste in his normal poetic manor earlier this week.

“Don’t get me started. I don’t know how they do it. It’s very strange. Gloves, scarves, I think somebody came on a few weeks ago for [Manchester] City who had a hat on. I don’t know how they do it and focus on the game, it’s weird. That’s the way the game’s gone.”

So it’s a no from me and Keano as far as football goes (despite most of the Arsenal players trying to convince us otherwise) but in style terms the snood is on fine form. I’ve picked out these five fan favourites for ‘Snood Of The Month’…

Winter Knitwear & Accessories (Part 1)

7 12 2010

Unless you’ve been living in a box with no windows and the heating turned right up, it won’t have escaped your attention that the temperatures in the UK have plummeted the wrong side of zero. Yes it looks Christmassy, but we Brits don’t deal with this snow and ice lark very well do we?

To help you avoid the same mistakes I made this week (incredibly under prepared brogues with no grip and thin cream chinos in the snow!?) I’ve picked some of my favourite winter warmers to help guide you through to spring.Menswear Winter Knitwear & Accessories

Latest Trend: Military

29 09 2010

First making an appearance in the Burberry and Topman Design Catwalk collections for Autumn/Winter 2010, the military trend has come marching onto the high street all guns blazing. At the time of year when outerwear starts to becomes a neccessity, the likes of ASOS, Topman and Zara have served up a really strong line up of forces inspired gear. Look out for green/brown shades, brass buttons, double breasted jackets – and of course, the military boot – if you have a chance of making the grade this season.

Here are some of my high street picks;




River Island


LFW: Topman Design S/S 2011

22 09 2010

This morning saw the Topman Design Collection S/S 2011 showcased at London Fashion Week, and for the first time ever selected items from the show are available to buy NOW, 6 months before they are officially released. Head over to now to check out the collection, but it’s strictly limited stock so if you want to get your hands on it you’ll have to be quick. Even if you’re not planning on buying, do check out the video of the show for inspiration so that by the time Spring comes around you’ll already be ahead of the pack.

Autumn Trend: The Desert Boot

9 08 2010

Gents, I hate to spoil the party but it’s about time we stopped embracing the sandles and boat shoes and started investing in a pair of shoes that will take you from August to November without the risk of losing a toe to frost bite. Still a few months away from dusting off last years military boots, it’s the resurgence of the Desert Boot that’s been catching my eye.

A style staple that sees you through Autumn in style and comfort, they’re versatile enough to match with jeans, chinos or even shorts and fit perfectly with the Urban Folk trend I featured last week. Here are my picks from the key high street retailers…