Movember Diaries: Day 30

30 11 2010

December marks the beggining of the Christmas rush, a time when we all wind down to a week long gift-fest. But for me and my fellow Mo Bros it signals the end of the journey that was Movember 2010. It’s been an emotional journey with it’s fair share of ups and downs (who can forget the stray hair episode of day 17), but mostly we’ll remember the good times. And those good times don’t come any better than last Friday’s Brighton Movember Gala Party. The Mo Bros & Sistas came out in force – ale was drunk, tunes were spun, prizes were given and good times were had by all. The highest accolade ‘Man of Movember Brighton’ went to the thoroughly deserving Ron Burgundy who celebrated the award by drinking scotch and chatting up the Mo Sistas, but he still took time out to have his picture taken with the Mo and his mate Mo Steve.

But sadly all good things have to come to an end. All that I’m left with now are the photographic memories from the Movember gala – but what memories they are.

Until next year, stay classy Movember.

The Mo x


The Ashes Moustaches

26 11 2010

Thursday saw the start of the Ashes 2010, as England and the Aussies kicked things off in Brisbane. But this years first Ashes test had more of a gentlemanly air about it – no not because Shane Warne wasn’t playing  – but because many of the participating players were sporting very impressive Movember moustaches. While ITV4 might give you the  in-play highlights, Pour Homme is offering the ‘Ashes Moustaches’; a highlight show that doesn’t waste time with middle aged ex pro’s in dull shirt and tie combos, but get’s straight into the action. Highlights from day 1 include England’s Kevin Pietersen, 6 wicket hero Peter Siddle, paceman Mitchell Johnson and a rather patriotic Aussie fan – let’s just hope 3-1 isn’t an omen.

Tried & Tested Movember: Gentlemen’s Tonic Aftershave Cream – Dry/Sensitive

22 11 2010

As part of the Pour Homme Movember focus I’ve been reviewing a number of associated products that I’ve been using throughout my Movember journey, and here is product number 2. If you missed it, you can check out product review number 1 here.

Price: £26 for 125ml
Purpose: Combining traditional ideas with modern luxury to sooth post shave irritations and leave skin feeling smooth and calm.
What the brand say: Gentlemen’s Tonic Aftershave Cream is enriched with ingredients that moisturise, rejuvenate and nourish freshly shaved skin.

Pour Homme Verdict

Packaging & Branding: Gentlemen’s Tonic aim to “afford the modern man a traditional barbershop and a variety of lifestyle and grooming services”. So it’s clear from the outset that this isn’t just a grooming brand that’s been slung together without thought. The packaging is among the best out there, and the brand philosophy represents everything there is to love about a new generation of men’s spa treatments. It’s certainly one way to turn a one bedroom flat into one of the swankiest establishments in Mayfair. 5 out of 5

Value for money: Style and performance of this calibre comes at a cost. For your £26 you’ll get a product that looks great, performs well, and represents a greater, luxurious ideal. But then again, for that £26 you could buy 4 King of Shaves Face Balms and still come away with change. Budget or no budget, that’s quite a difference. 3 out of 5

Performance: Dry or sensitive skin loves shaving about as much as a vegan loves KFC. But it’s products like this that make it bearable for those of us unfortunate enough to be troubled by a bout of post shave irritation. It cools, it refreshes, it moisturises, it smells great – hell I think Gentlemen’s Tonic Aftershave Cream for Dry/Sensitive Skin may be just about perfect.  5 out of 5

The verdict: Just a fiver cheaper and it would have got the perfect 5, but the performance, and the incredible luxury feel of the Gentlemen’s Tonic Aftershave Balm is something that no one can take away. In an ideal world where my grooming and fashion budgets are endless I’d frequent the Gentlemen’s Tonic treatment rooms more than my actual home, but until then I’ll have to settle for an excellent post shave product. 4.5 out 5

To find out more about Gentlemen’s Tonic products, the treatment rooms (both in the UK and the US), and the brand philosophy visit the Gentlemen’s Tonic website.

Movember Style Icons

17 11 2010

While it’s a charity event with some real credibility, the Movember concept uses the humour of growing a moustache to its advantage – as you’ll have gathered by my recent posts. But growing a moustache shouldn’t always be viewed as a novelty concept embraced by 80’s throwbacks and Ned Flanders enthusiasts, it can really add some individuality and credibility to your style. Don’t believe me? Well than take a look at some of the world’s most stylish men, sporting facial hair that adds sophistication, masculinity and a certain flair to their already accomplished styles.

Movember Special: Sports Stars & Their Mo’s

15 11 2010

After featuring Kevin Pietersen’s Movember effort in my last post, it got me thinking about sports stars of the past who have sported (pardon the pun) some questionable/cracking facial hair. So I’ve put together some of the very best for you all to feast your eyes on – including most of Liverpool’s team during the 70’s and 80’s and an honourable inclusion for Gary Neville! But my favourite? Former Arsenal ‘keeper David Seaman. Not just for the mo, not even for the ponytail. But for the “yeah I could have been a model” smouldering look he’s giving the camera in this pic!

KP takes Movember onto the world stage

14 11 2010

As if you needed any further proof that growing a Mo was the right thing to do, England Cricket star Kevin Pietersen has unveiled a piece of facial hair that he hopes will hit men’s health concerns for six. Posting a picture of his newly acquired facial hair on his Twitter page last week, KP revealed that he’s “Growing a Mo during the Ashes for the cause!”. How refreshing it is to see such a high profile sports star getting involved in Movember, and let’s hope that it sparks a trend, encouraging other sports stars and celebrities to take part. Who knows, next year we may even be able to count on Mr Rooney, Mr Murray or Mr Lampard’s effort during Movember. Hats off to KP!

Movember Diaries: Day 12

12 11 2010

Well, what an eventful week mo fans! Saturday saw the first night where the mo was unleashed on the town, and after a few cheeky drinking games (no one beats the mo at drinking games) it was off to a club for the mo to work his magic on the ladies. Not even a light up dance floor can take the attention away from a Mexican moustache busting shapes to ‘Footloose’, I was practically carried out of the club on the shoulders of those clean-shaven minions!

In other news I’ve finally met a fellow mo bro! Albeit not a fully grown mo, but a mo none the less. I think he’s a bit jealous of the strength of my mo, and he is an Arsenal fan, but I’m going to look past that in an effort to change the face of men’s health.

Have a great weekend mo fans, and if you get the time please sponsor my Movember journey by visiting my MoSpace page.

The Mo x