Wingman: Grooming’s Next Big Thing

12 04 2011

You’ll know him as one of the all-conquering Dragon’s from the TV institution Dragon’s Den, but this week Theo Paphitis embarks on a new project – searching for the UK’s best and brightest young entrepreneurs BBC Two’s ‘Britain’s Next Big Thing’.

Men’s grooming brand Wingman and its creator Stuart Jolley are among a number of products and entrepreneurs in the series, which follows him through the process of developing his launch product – a premium male deodorising wipe that has been engineered for men on the go. It’s a classic David vs. Goliath battle as the 24 year old goes up against competitors like Lynx for a slice of the multi million pound male grooming market. Wingman is a product that’s been on the market since late 2010, but with the help of the BBC2 series, April 2011 is going to be the month that Wingman truly takes off.

For those of you new to Wingman Deodorising Wipes, they are extra large ‘man sized’ wet wipes, created for busy men who’s personal heigene is vigorously tested by their daily lives and the environment around them. They don’t have time to shower, but still need to freshen up instantly and feel confident at all times – something that we can all appreciate. Clearly there’s a huge market for such an innovative product – whether you’re a regular urban commuter, a long suffering employee in a stuffy office or a regular clubber – you’ll have been in situations where you’d have needed Wingman buy your side. It’s a mystery why no one has ever come up with anything like this for men before? It’s so simple, yet equally as ingenious – and once you’ve tried it (like all great products) you’ll wonder how you ever did without it.

The product itself contains a refreshing mix of ingredients including soothing aloe vera, cooling peppermint oil and invigorating ginseng, to revive and refresh whilst effectively removing dirt, oil and bacteria. It ticks all the grooming boxes, but when push comes to shove will Wingman Deodorising Wipes stand up and be counted?

Tired & Tested: The Pour Homme Review

Theo Paphitis is no mug, he knows a good business idea when he sees it. And in Wingman Stu Jolley has one hell of a good business idea. But I’m not Theo Paphitis, I’m not interested in profit margins – I’m interested in whether Wingman is there in our hour of grooming need.

After trying the product in a number of situations (post gym, the commute, in the overnight bag and on a night out) I can confirm that Wingman really does have your back. The wipes are big enough to be considered ‘man-sized’, the fragrance is refreshing without feeling overpowering, and the cleansing performance is really impressive – even good enough to be used on your face. Priced at a mere £3.56 for eight wipes, they come individually wrapped making them portable as well as practical, and the packaging would sit comfortably alongside anything a luxury brand has to offer.

Wingman hit the market in 2010 a festival essential,  a man bag essential and a desk drawer essential. But in 2011, Wingman Deodorising Wipes will become the grooming essential of the year. And for that reason, “I’m in”.

The Verdict: 5 out of 5

The Wingman wipes are currently on sale exclusively in Boots stores nationwide and are priced £1.22 for a box of two or £3.56 for eight.


Tried & Tested: Henri Lloyd Skin Protection For Men

4 04 2011

“Stick to what you’re good at” – that’s what we’re always told. But what happens when you’re not content with what you’re good at and you want to try your hand at something new and exciting. Should you give up on your vision? Should you hell. Just go right ahead and attempt to be the best in your field. Which is exactly what nautical fashion pioneers Henri Lloyd have done with the launch of their new grooming range – Henri Lloyd Skin Protection For Men

With a heritage embedded in nautical innovation, Henri Lloyd’s history ensues a prestigious expedition. From creating groundbreaking fabrics for sailing clothes to defining the zeitgeist for Italian youths, Henri Lloyd’s contribution to global design and fashion is impressive. That leaves the Henri Lloyd Skin Protection For Men some large shoes to fill. As a skin care range Henri Lloyd follows the ethos of producing premium performance products, technically engineered with an infusion of marine ingredients combined with a sophisticated British edge. That’s all well and good but all that blurb only stands up if the products are effective, so for the last few weeks I’ve been trying my hand at several products from the Henri Lloyd range – and is my Pour Homme review.

Henri Lloyd Ocean Mineral Shower Gel (200ml) – £12.95

First up from the Henri Lloyd grooming range, the shower gel has all the refreshing properties you’d expect from a products based around the sea and ocean minerals. It provides maximum freshness and acts as a real morning/evening pick me up – without letting you down on the cleanliness front, and it left my skin feeling ‘no need to moisturise’ soft. 4 out of 5

Henri Lloyd Ocean Mineral Hand Protection Cream SPF6 (75ml) – £10.50

Both as a fashion line, and grooming range Henri Lloyd is designed for people who enjoy an outdoor lifestyle, so it was imperative that the range included the essential outdoor product – a strong, protective hand cream. Performing under the most strenuous of circumstances, Henri Lloyd Ocean Mineral Hand Protection Cream features SPF6 and uses minerals, vitamins and algae to repair dry, chapped or cracked hands – which it does brilliantly. 4 out of 5

Henri Lloyd Ocean Mineral Tinted Moisturiser SPF15 (75ml) – £19.00

The feather in the rather accomplished  Henri Lloyd cap, Ocean Mineral Tinted Moisturiser SPF15 is not only my favourite product in the Skin Protection range, but it’s cemented itself as one of my must have products. Providing maximum hydration, optimum protection and a natural looking healthy colour, this grooming must have is almost as multi-tasking as a Swiss army knife! In the run up to summer a moisturiser with SPF protection is essential, but this Henri Lloyd offering provides so much more than just a UV guard making it an absolute must try. 5 out of 5

Tried & Tested: The Bluebeards Revenge Shaving Cream

23 03 2011


Price: £14.99 for 180ml

Purpose: To combat even the toughest stubble to give a smooth and luxurious shave that’s fit for the manliest man.

What the brand say: Designed by a real life Blue Beard who was bored to death with being a Desperate Dan look-alike, The Bluebeards Revenge is a paraben free premium quality shave cream with added ingredients to combat tough stubble.

Pour Homme Verdict

The Bluebeards Revenge Shaving Cream is fronted by 6’3″ Bedford Blues flanker and Britain’s Manliest Man, Sacha Harding. It’s designed for guys who grow a 5 o’clock shadow by lunchtime. And its packaging features a striking silver skull and cross-bones against a royal blue background. Masculine? You bet ya’. If The Bluebeards Revenge Shaving Cream could talk it would ask you if you wanted a pint, and give you a run down on the week’s football gossip.

But far from being a gimmick lead product that doesn’t perform, The Bluebeards Revenge Shaving Cream is backed by a proven formula and impressive results that make it anything but the class clown. The main reason behind the results is the exciting active ingredient ‘decelerine’ – which has been proven to actually reduce hair growth and nourish freshly shaved skin. All this means that over time you’ll decrease the effect of 5 o’clock shadow, reduce irritation and leave your skin noticeably softer for longer.

For all you statto’s out there, here are the numbers…

The BlueBeards Revenge Shave Cream;

– results in a 30% decrease in hair length.

– reduces the hair density by 16% after 60 days.

So how does it shave? Well the product lathers really well, and matches any other shaving product I’ve tried for comfort. I used the ‘Dabloon Bristled Shaving Brush’ to apply, but it you can use it without – it’s still just as effective. I’ve also noticed the declerine really starting get to grips with tough stubble. Don’t get me wrong I don’t resemble Desperate Dan, but tough stubble particularly on the neck has been a real problem for me. Overall The Bluebeards Revenge Shaving Cream is an excellent product that I fully recommend you try for yourself – if you’re man enough that is!

The verdict: 4.5 out of 5

Click here to buy The Bluebeards Revenge Shaving Cream and try it for yourself.

King Of Shaves Launch Azor 5 Razor

27 01 2011

King of Shaves – both in terms of the quaility and value of their razors, and the performance of their skin care – are a firm Pour Homme favourite. With so many products and brands out there in the market, it’s fair to say that Will King and his King of Shaves range are changing the way we think about our daily grooming essentails, particularly shaving.

Starting 2011 as they mean to go on, King Of Shaves are proud to announce the release of the Azor 5 Blade Sensitive Alloy System Razor. Just like the previous Azor models, the Azor 5 is fitted with “Bendology Technology” (a soft flex hinge that allows you to shave closer), an ergonomic alloy handle, and is perfectly balanced and ideally weighted for maximum control and comfort. So what sets the Azor 5 apart from it’s predecessors? Yes you guessed it! Not one, not two, not even four, but FIVE long-lasting endurium nano coated blades.

I know what you’re thinking, adding another blade to a razor has all been done before. And if we were talking about Gillette or Wilkinson Sword then I would tend to agree with you. But in King Of Shave recent history we’ve come to expect quality and value that ensures that the launch of the Azor 5 will have a huge impact on the grooming market, and the efficiency of your shave. According to the brand “this is no ordinary razor, designed for sensitive skin –  it’s pure in form, effortless in function and engineered without compromise.” They can talk the talk, and in 2011 King Of Shaves really are shaping up to walk the walk.

So how can you get your hands on this new bit of shaving kit? Well it’s available at selected asda stores nationwide, and can be expected to sweep the nation with a clean, comfortable shave in the very near future.

Grooming News: Men Are Useless

6 10 2010

If you take pride in your appearance, investing time and money in to looking your best then I salute you. But as much as it pains me to say it, grooming conscious guys are still sadly in the minority. Yes the industry as a whole is growing at a much faster rate than the female beauty industry, but there is still some ground to be made up until we can consider ourselves a nation of well groomed men.

One of the big challenges for brands within the industry is how to reach out to the men who seemingly don’t want to be reached. Those in the know understand the advantages of a little personal grooming, hell even the guys in question probably realise that there are improvements to be made – but it’s how to overcome this initial obstacle that seems to be the million dollar question.

This is where I believe the Men Are Useless concept can do its best work. If you haven’t heard of them before, Men Are Useless is a website dedicated to offering men, and their long suffering partners, a monthly grooming subscription service that delivers all the products a man could need throughout the month. Selecting some of the best high street brands around (including the likes of King Of Shaves and Original Source), they deliver a package of tailored grooming products to your door – doing the hard work so you don’t have to, all for less than the price of a pint of beer a week.

The Men Are Useless aim is to “give men (and the people who love them) more time to play out, fight sharks, catch baddies, build dens, practice wheelies and hit the heights they deserve.” But I think they’re selling themselves a bit short. What the ‘Men Are Useless’ concept is quite cleverly doing is getting guys to take more pride in their appearance and try quality grooming products, all the while tricking them into thinking that they’re ‘as much of a man’ as they always have been. Before you know it, these men will be buying the products they love for themselves, and taking a much bigger interest in the way they look.

Rather than trying to ram ‘the metro-sexual male’ down everyone’s throat, Men Are Useless have found a way to get guy grooming without them even realising it! Equally if you’re a guy who has the desire to improve your grooming routine, but isn’t sure where to begin – the Men Are Useless gift boxes are a fantastic place to start. Lastly, women of this world – if your man is still playing hard ball when it comes to looking his best, all you have to do is sign him up to Men Are Useless and before you know it he’ll be stealing your concealer because he wants to cover up his dark circles.

When we finally reach a day when all men look like well groomed Greek Gods, Men Are Useless shouldn’t feel down hearted, they should sit back, light a cigar and feel safe in the knowledge that the world is a better groomed place because of them.

To find out more, get a subrcription for yourself or a guy in your life visit

Tried & Tested: Xen-Tan Transform Time Release Gradual Self Tan

13 09 2010

Xen Tan Transform Gradual Self Tan


Price: £14.95 for 177ml

Purpose: Tired of putting your pasty white body on display? Then this self tanner is designed to give you a golden glow without even stepping outside, or venturing anywhere near a sun bed.

What the brand say: Perfect for those who want a natural-looking tan that develops gradually and leaves skin looking radiant and healthy for days. The subtle citrus melon fragrance means you can apply it anytime and feel confident that no one will know but you. Unless the natural sun-kissed colour gives you away!

Pour Homme Verdict

Branding & Packaging: Sleek, modern packaging that fits with the brand, the product and the target market – perfect right? Well, almost. I’d say that if I had one point to make its that the packaging, and particularly the promotional imagery are a touch feminine – maybe a men’s sub range could be in order? But after all, this is a product predominantly aimed at women so who am I to complain. 4 out of 5

Value for money: I feel there are two points that dictate value for money here, firstly the quality which for Xen-Tan Transform cannot be doubted. And secondly, with the well known side effects of both sun bathing and sun beds (more on that later), a touch under £15 really is a snip for sun kissed skin without the damage. 4 out of 5

Performance: There are several problems which I believe make men very sceptical of fake tan; the smell, the ‘orange look’, the contrast between ‘before’ and ‘after’ and those dreaded patches or streaks. Well I’m pleased to say that with Xen-Tan Transform Time Release Gradual Self Tan, men needn’t worry.

The Smell: Doesn’t smell AT ALL like fake tan. In fact it smells more like cherry bakewells (odd I know, but honestly I wanted to eat my own arm!)

The ‘Orange Look’: What orange look? Xen-Tan Transform Time Release Gradual Self Tan is more David Beckham than David Dickinson, i.e. more perfect tan than orange man.

Contrast: As ‘Transform’ is a gradual self tan rather than an all out industrial body paint you’ll be able to mask your self tanning and cleverly disguise it as the tan builds without the risk of looking like an umpa-lumpa over night.

Patches & Streaks: As long as you are careful (and I would advise applying with a ‘tanning mitt‘ unless you’re an expert tanner) then streaks and patches will be almost none existent.  I applied this tanner 5 or 6 times – often without huge amounts of preparation – without experiencing any problems.

5 out of 5

The verdict: In a world where the dangers of sun exposure and sun beds are well known but often ignored, its refreshing to see an alternative that offers high quality without any of the risks. If any guys reading this wondered if fake tan really is for them then I say try this product and you’ll never go back to being pale again. Whether this product is aimed at women or not, one thing that men always look for in a product triumphs every time – performance. 5 out of 5

Want to try it for yourself? Xen-Tan Transform Time Release Gradual Self Tan is available from the Xen-Tan website.