Movember Diaries: Day 25

25 11 2010

It’s been another eventful week mo fans! Yesterday I got caught up in some sort of student protest where it looked like they were protesting against the rising cost of super noodles and tins of beans. If they ever hope to grow a mo of any stature I think they need to graduate on to a better diet than that! I then managed to stay up late to support fellow Mo Bro Kevin Pietersen playing for England in the Ashes. KP did well to reach 43, but it seems clean-shaven captain Andrew Straus should consider a mo after his shameful 0 from 3 balls.

Like most of you I’ve also been planning my outfit for the work Christmas party. This year I’m pulling out all the stops – velvet smoking jacket, bow tie – the works. I’ve even been growing my mo especially to curl the ends in the most gentlemanly manor and take the festive season by storm long after we’ve seen the last day of Movember.

But that’s not all! On Friday I’ll be attending the Movember Gala Party in Brighton, hoping to raise a glass with my fellow Mo Bros in celebration of our achievements this month. I’m sure there will be a few drunken tales to follow next week with incriminating photos to match.

Have a great end to the week mo fans, and if you get the time please sponsor my Movember journey by visiting my MoSpace page.

The Mo x




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