Tried & Tested: Xen-Tan Transform Time Release Gradual Self Tan

13 09 2010

Xen Tan Transform Gradual Self Tan


Price: £14.95 for 177ml

Purpose: Tired of putting your pasty white body on display? Then this self tanner is designed to give you a golden glow without even stepping outside, or venturing anywhere near a sun bed.

What the brand say: Perfect for those who want a natural-looking tan that develops gradually and leaves skin looking radiant and healthy for days. The subtle citrus melon fragrance means you can apply it anytime and feel confident that no one will know but you. Unless the natural sun-kissed colour gives you away!

Pour Homme Verdict

Branding & Packaging: Sleek, modern packaging that fits with the brand, the product and the target market – perfect right? Well, almost. I’d say that if I had one point to make its that the packaging, and particularly the promotional imagery are a touch feminine – maybe a men’s sub range could be in order? But after all, this is a product predominantly aimed at women so who am I to complain. 4 out of 5

Value for money: I feel there are two points that dictate value for money here, firstly the quality which for Xen-Tan Transform cannot be doubted. And secondly, with the well known side effects of both sun bathing and sun beds (more on that later), a touch under £15 really is a snip for sun kissed skin without the damage. 4 out of 5

Performance: There are several problems which I believe make men very sceptical of fake tan; the smell, the ‘orange look’, the contrast between ‘before’ and ‘after’ and those dreaded patches or streaks. Well I’m pleased to say that with Xen-Tan Transform Time Release Gradual Self Tan, men needn’t worry.

The Smell: Doesn’t smell AT ALL like fake tan. In fact it smells more like cherry bakewells (odd I know, but honestly I wanted to eat my own arm!)

The ‘Orange Look’: What orange look? Xen-Tan Transform Time Release Gradual Self Tan is more David Beckham than David Dickinson, i.e. more perfect tan than orange man.

Contrast: As ‘Transform’ is a gradual self tan rather than an all out industrial body paint you’ll be able to mask your self tanning and cleverly disguise it as the tan builds without the risk of looking like an umpa-lumpa over night.

Patches & Streaks: As long as you are careful (and I would advise applying with a ‘tanning mitt‘ unless you’re an expert tanner) then streaks and patches will be almost none existent.  I applied this tanner 5 or 6 times – often without huge amounts of preparation – without experiencing any problems.

5 out of 5

The verdict: In a world where the dangers of sun exposure and sun beds are well known but often ignored, its refreshing to see an alternative that offers high quality without any of the risks. If any guys reading this wondered if fake tan really is for them then I say try this product and you’ll never go back to being pale again. Whether this product is aimed at women or not, one thing that men always look for in a product triumphs every time – performance. 5 out of 5

Want to try it for yourself? Xen-Tan Transform Time Release Gradual Self Tan is available from the Xen-Tan website.




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14 09 2010
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