Tried & Tested: Kyoku For Men Water Body Scrub

13 10 2010

Following the launch of the Kyoku For Men Elements range earlier in the month here, as promised, is my verdict on one of the 12 new products – the Kyoku For Men Water Body Scrub. If you’re not familiar with the Kyoku For Men grooming range check out my first Pour Homme Tried & Tested from back in April where I reviewed the Kyoku For Men Lava Masque.

Price: £17.00 for 250ml
Purpose: Like most body scrubs, this Kyoku For Men exfoliant is designed to remove dirt, grime and dead skin cells to smooth your skin for an all round ‘polished’ appearance.
What the brand say: Kyoku For Men Water Body Scrub is part of a unique bath and body care line which couples efficacious natural ingredients with atmospheric scents and sensations to transport you to the four elements: Earth, Wind, Fire and in this case Water.  Following the same skincare principles as the Kyoku For Men facial products (Cleanse. Scrub. Fuel) this Body Scrub using a cooling rock crystal complex designed to cleanse and prep your skin for the next step.

Pour Homme Verdict

Packaging: If you’ve read any of my previous material where I’ve featured Kyoku For Men, you’ll know that one of the main things I love about this brand is that their products are pretty much the best looking products around – and the Elements range is no exception. I love what they’ve done with the marketing surrounding the whole range and the packaging itself is cool, slick and masculine without the need for unnecessary hype – the rest of the grooming world should take note. 5 out of 5

Ease of use: One of the things that has frustrated me about so many body scrubs I’ve used in the past is the lack of lather. If I wanted to rub salt all over my body, then I would (it would be a bit weird, but you could do it). What I love about the Kyoku For Men Water Body Scrub is that it lathers almost as much as a shower gel, giving you great coverage – making your shower experience quicker, and a lot more efficient. It still requires a couple of applications to cover your whole body, but it’s by no means the hardest thing in the world to apply. 4 out of 5

Value for money: Yeah, so £17 in the grand scheme of things is quite a bit of money. You can after all fly to most cities in Europe at that price if you don’t mind flying cattle class. But – and more on the performance later – when you’re paying for quality sometimes you don’t mind, and with the Kyoku For Men Water Body Scrub quality is something that you’ll get in spades. We’d all love our grooming product to be under a fiver, but as this product is so effective, and will last you a good few months I think £17 is a price worth paying. 4 out of 5

Performance: Right from the off the first thing I noticed was how much the Kyoku For Men Water Body Scrub improved the condition of my skin – leaving my whole body feeling (and looking) smoother and healthier. As someone with very dry skin (who subsequently has to use body moisturiser regularly) this level of smoothness came as a real surprise and with regular use became really easy to maintain. Secondly, the smell is AMAZING and it really does invigorate your senses and leave long lasting freshness. Top marks! 5 out of 5

The verdict: It will come as no surprise that I’m a huge fan of the whole Kyoku For Men range, but the Water Body Scrub also gets a glowing recommendation from me. I love the packaging, the ease of use and the way it leaves my whole body feeling smooth and totally refreshed. As I previously mentioned, I have never found a product that’s left my normally dry skin so soft and managable – so much so that I’ve even been able to cut down my use of body moisturiser. Well Kyoku For Men, it looks like you’ve done it again. 5 out 5

The whole Kyoku For Men Elements range is available now from Liberty and nationwide from the 1st November.





4 responses

13 10 2010

It’s such a shame that Liberty delivery charges are so high – the best part of £6 for standard UK delivery, for a single bottle of Kyoku Water Body Scrub (at £ 17) is … well, little short of daylight robbery!

Looking forward to 1 November when it becomes available in more reasonably priced outlets…


13 10 2010

Thanks for your comment Chris, I hope you found the review useful.
I know of a few outlets that will be stocking the products from November with either free UK shipping, or at the least, very reasonable rates. I think it might be worth waiting that extra week or so.
Thanks PourHomme

13 10 2010

I certainly did – and am looking forward to getting my hands on this product following your review! Thanks for the heads up on the possible free / reasonable UK shipping outlets too. Do let us all know if you hear of any when they begin stocking.

Thanks again,


8 11 2010

Hi again Chris,
As you may already know the Kyoku For Men products have now gone nationwide! You can pick them up from (link below) and they’re offering free UK shipping at the moment.
Let me know how you get on!
Pour Homme

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