King Of Shaves – Shave Sexy Promo

19 07 2010

Today sees the launch of a new advertising campaign for one of my favourite brands – King Of Shaves. Growing in popularity, their range of high quality, yet very much affordable shaving products don’t just offer competition for the likes of Gillette and Wilkinson Sword, but threaten to re-shape the market all together. If you’re yet to try their Azor razor then I really suggest you give it a go – it’s normally on offer in Boots/Tesco/Asda and the price of replacement blades are about 1/3 of its competitors – and it gives the smooooothest of shaves.

If their products haven’t already caught the eye of the customer, then their new advertising campaign certainly will do! Featuring Diane Wood, the world’s most famous female professional Master Barber as ‘Barbarella X’ and King of Shaves latest razor, the new Azor M the ad showcases the quality of King Of Shaves, alongside A LOT of provocative shots of Miss Wood (you won’t hear too many complaining about the latter). Let me know your thoughts on the new campaign and your opinion on the King Of Shaves range by leaving a comment below.

Check out the new advert:

For more information on King Of Shaves and for a chance to win a trip to New York, check out their facebook page.