Grooming News: Men Are Useless

6 10 2010

If you take pride in your appearance, investing time and money in to looking your best then I salute you. But as much as it pains me to say it, grooming conscious guys are still sadly in the minority. Yes the industry as a whole is growing at a much faster rate than the female beauty industry, but there is still some ground to be made up until we can consider ourselves a nation of well groomed men.

One of the big challenges for brands within the industry is how to reach out to the men who seemingly don’t want to be reached. Those in the know understand the advantages of a little personal grooming, hell even the guys in question probably realise that there are improvements to be made – but it’s how to overcome this initial obstacle that seems to be the million dollar question.

This is where I believe the Men Are Useless concept can do its best work. If you haven’t heard of them before, Men Are Useless is a website dedicated to offering men, and their long suffering partners, a monthly grooming subscription service that delivers all the products a man could need throughout the month. Selecting some of the best high street brands around (including the likes of King Of Shaves and Original Source), they deliver a package of tailored grooming products to your door – doing the hard work so you don’t have to, all for less than the price of a pint of beer a week.

The Men Are Useless aim is to “give men (and the people who love them) more time to play out, fight sharks, catch baddies, build dens, practice wheelies and hit the heights they deserve.” But I think they’re selling themselves a bit short. What the ‘Men Are Useless’ concept is quite cleverly doing is getting guys to take more pride in their appearance and try quality grooming products, all the while tricking them into thinking that they’re ‘as much of a man’ as they always have been. Before you know it, these men will be buying the products they love for themselves, and taking a much bigger interest in the way they look.

Rather than trying to ram ‘the metro-sexual male’ down everyone’s throat, Men Are Useless have found a way to get guy grooming without them even realising it! Equally if you’re a guy who has the desire to improve your grooming routine, but isn’t sure where to begin – the Men Are Useless gift boxes are a fantastic place to start. Lastly, women of this world – if your man is still playing hard ball when it comes to looking his best, all you have to do is sign him up to Men Are Useless and before you know it he’ll be stealing your concealer because he wants to cover up his dark circles.

When we finally reach a day when all men look like well groomed Greek Gods, Men Are Useless shouldn’t feel down hearted, they should sit back, light a cigar and feel safe in the knowledge that the world is a better groomed place because of them.

To find out more, get a subrcription for yourself or a guy in your life visit




One response

7 10 2010
Paul Johnson

Wow – thanks for this. MAU has been a long time coming so it’s so flattering when someone takes the time to take a look at us and like what they see.

It’s really appreciated, especially as you’ve taken on the nuances re: metro men … we only hope you’re right.

Thanks again,

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