Is iPerfumer the future of fragrance?

22 06 2010

Trying to negotiate the first floor of a department store while the perma-tan shop assistant tries to recommend Aramis could be a thing of the past  – thanks to fragrance house Givaudan and its brand new iPhone app designed to help consumers navigate the perfume market both in-store and online.

Released on Wednesday 30th June, iPerfumer is free app allows you to create a personal profile which can be used to shortlist best suited perfumes or to check known ones. Felix Mayr-Harting, Givaudan Global Head of Fine Fragrance, comments: “The iPerfumer App gives people the opportunity to learn about fragrance and buy in an informed way. It is a meaningful step towards engaging a new generation of perfume enthusiasts.”

If it works, it could have shop assistants quaking in their heels. Keep checking back for the Pour Homme review of the app as soon as it’s released.




3 responses

5 07 2010
Amy Johnston

Thanks for the post, hope you like the app! Check out our Facebook page for all the lastest info and a video of our launch party at the Ivy!

5 07 2010

No problem! I’m currently working on a review which will be posted in the next day or so.

13 07 2010
iPerfumer: The Review « POUR HOMME

[…] 6 07 2010 As I posted last week, Wednesday saw the release of the new iPerfumer app by fragrance house Givaudan – […]

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