Brand Launch: Kerastase Homme

19 04 2010

Kerastase are one of the most respected luxury hair brands in the world, priding themselves on innovation, exclusivity, indulgence and elegance. Although their products are designed predominantly for women, I’ve tried several from a variety of their ranges and I can certainly vouch for the ’luxury’ aspect of the brand.

This month see’s the launch of Kerastase Homme, a range of products designed to restore the look, feel and vitality of your hair and scalp. With the men’s grooming boom about as current as flares you could say it’s about time these hair care giants introduced something for men, but ever since I heard about the launch I’ve been hoping that the products are worth the wait.

They seem to have put a lot of thought into it at least. Six products, broken down into 3 ‘hair concerns’ each have their own targeted formulas to deal with specific problems that effect today’s man – excess oil, dandruff and thinning hair. The products themselves look and smell great, they’ve certainly got their branding spot on and they’ll look great in your bathroom if nothing else – luckily though Kerastase have produced much more than just eye candy.

If you want the very best in men’s hair care, look no further than Kerastase Homme because if you’re willing to pay for it, it’s a range with ‘luxury’ in its DNA, and produces that deliver results you can rely on.

Kerastase Homme is available now nationwide. Find out more.




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10 07 2010

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21 09 2010
Grooming News: Kérastase Homme To Launch Styling Products « POUR HOMME

[…] in April I told you that hair care royalty Kérastase would be launching a men’s range – Kérastase Homme – featuring products designed to restore the look, feel and vitality […]

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