Style Icon: David Bowie

31 01 2010

He hasn’t released an album in 7 years and we‘ve barely heard a peep from his New York hide out, yet David Bowie is as much an icon as he’s ever been. His impact on modern day music is unquestionable, but it’s the relevance of his style that’s just as intriguing. I didn’t have to look to far to find his high street fashion footprint.

This Ben Sherman suit has more than an air of Bowie about it, the rolled sleeves, the pastel shirt, it all points to the thin white duke.

Zara pretty much hit the nail on the head with this second outfit. The finish of the suit has a subtle ‘glam rock’ sheen and 80’s Bowie feel but the cut and accessories modernise the entire look.

As for Bowie on a budget, look no further than Duck Egg Skinny Trousers from Topman. Pair them with a plain white shirt and you’ve got Bowie’s style in a nut shell.

Despite announcing in 2006 that he was “fed up with the industry” it’s been rumoured that he’s set to make a comeback at this year’s festivals, and Simon Cowell has even hinted at (God forbid) having him as an X Factor guest tutor – but what ever David Bowie’s next move is, the whole world will be paying very close attention.




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